ExAR: System for Interactive Magnetic Field Simulation

The aim of the ExAR project is to devolop a system for interactive magnetic field simulation in an AR- or VR-Setup.

We investigate how AR/VR technology can help to develop a better understanding of the concept of fields and field lines and their relationship to the magnetic forces in typical school experiments. The haptic feedback is provided by real magnets that are optically tracked. The field lines are calculated online with the result that the changing magnetic field of two interacting bar magnets can be explored in real-time.

We present two setups. The first setup uses a Video-See-Through Head-Mounted-Display from our project partner VRmagic with build-in optical tracking. The HMD consists of two OLED microdisplays with near eye optics and a camera with four pixel-synchronous image sensors (2 color, 2 w/b infrared sensitive). In a future release both magnets will be tracked using markerless tracking. The second setup is an active stereo LCD-TV. For optical tracking of the magnets we use the Natural-Point OptiTrack. The project implementation lasted from July 2010 until October 2011.