MATEDIS: Acquisition and Visualization of High-Quality Materials

During the planning process of prefabricated houses, the manufacturers want to provide their customers with a realistic impression of the interior design and thus reduce costs and avoid misunderstandings. The objective of the research project MATEDIS is to capture and visualize materials and their specific surface properties and provide a genuine look and feel of future houses.

A hardware setup consisting of several cameras and light sources gather the specific material properties under different viewing and illumination conditions. A single material results in hundreds of images, therefore compression techniques are evaluated and implemented. This will help to reduce the data size and align it with the available memory. The intention is to visualize less complex materials on non-desktop environments such as tablet PCs.

Like its predecessor project IVAB, MATEDIS’ complex global illumination calculations are based on our own path tracer “Spark”, which will be extended so that it can use the high-quality materials. The materials will be stored in a cloud database to make them easily available to the target audience.

First visualizations of foreign BTFs (data by courtesy of University of Bonn) are presented in the following gallery: