Immersion Square

The Immersion Square is a PC-based, immersive visualization-system for 3D data and VR applications.

Immersing into a virtual world means that the observer’s entire visual field is completely enclosed by an artificially generated environment. Depending on the application, this computer generated world can be as realistic as the real world or can alter significantly on purpose. By applying an input device, the observer is able to walk, fly or move through and interact with this virtual world. The Immersion Square technology represents a new 3D-visualisation system on PC-basis.

Projects using the Immersion Square are ‘Fivis’, ‘MI6’ and ‘TransCoop’.

The observer enters a 16 m² ‘Square’ composed of three, seamlessly joined projection screens. The size and interaction capabilities of the Immersion Square allow the observer to experience exciting and highly realistic sensations of 3-dimensional space. The angle of the projection can be adjusted between 90°and 135° and therefore provides high flexibility, portability and profitability in the representation of 3D-data.