PlaSMoNa: Navigation, Tracking and Social Networks

PlaSMoNa (platform for social mobile navigation) is a research project started in January 2012.

The aim is to research the combination of currently successful web 2.0 applications, especially the social networks, with satellite- and indoor-navigation.

Project partner is the tarent solutions GmbH in Bonn, while funding is provided by the Federal Ministery of Economics and Technology (BMWI) within the so-called Central innovation programme for medium-sized businesses (ZIM).

The project PlaSMoNa deals with the analysis, design and the implementation of a platform for the development of event- and group-oriented mobile applications with indoor- navigation. Possible applications are business applications for big conferences, special advertising or games for smartphones with navigation-aspects.

One of the main goals is to bring together the users of social networks in a goal-oriented, localized and event-oriented way. PlaSMoNa will offer a great deal of flexibility and open interfaces for different social networks, navigation methods, types of events and smartphones. Based on the social networks, a convenient and standardized environment for the development of a whole variety of new application types will evolve.