Multilayer Haptic Feedback for Pen-Based Tablet Interaction

Ernst Kruijff, Saugata Biswas, Christina Trepkowski, Jens Maiero, Gheorghita Ghinea, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, page 143:1--143:14 - 2019


We present a novel, multilayer interaction approach that enables state transitions between spatially above-screen and 2D on-screen feedback layers. This approach supports the exploration of haptic features that are hard to simulate using rigid 2D screens. We accomplish this by adding a haptic layer above the screen that can be actuated and interacted with (pressed on) while the user interacts with on-screen content using pen input. The haptic layer provides variable firmness and contour feedback, while its membrane functionality affords additional tactile cues like texture feedback. Through two user studies, we look at how users can use the layer in haptic exploration tasks, showing that users can discriminate well between different firmness levels, and can perceive object contour characteristics. Demonstrated also through an art application, the results show the potential of multilayer feedback to extend on-screen feedback with additional widget, tool and surface properties, and for user guidance.

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