Containerized Distributed Rendering for Interactive Environments

Björn Ludolf Gerdau, Martin Weier, André Hinkenjann
EuroVR 2017 - December 2017 2017


Development and rapid prototyping for large interactive environments like tiled-display walls pose many challenges. One is the heterogeneity of the various applications and libraries. A visual application tailored for a single monitor setup with a certain software environment is difficult to port and distribute to a multi-display, multi-PC setup.

As a solution to this problem, we explore the potential of lightweight containerization techniques for distributed interactive applications. In particular, we present how the necessary runtime and build environments including libraries and drivers can be abstracted using the Docker framework. We demonstrate the packing of an existing single-machine GPU-enabled ray tracer inside a container to be used on tiled display walls. The performance measurements reveal that the containerization has a negligible impact on the system's performance but allows for easy setup, integration, and distribution of complex applications.

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