OLIVE: Simulation within Human-Centric Lighting Environments

Oliver Jato, Martin Weier, Jens Maiero, David Scherfgen, Thorsten Roth, Philipp Frericks, Oliver Stefani, Matthias Bues, André Hinkenjann, Ernst Kruijff
Proceedings of the 13. Workshop Virtuelle Realit├Ąt und Augmented Reality der GI-Fachgruppe VR/AR - September 2016
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Human beings spend much time under the influence of artificial lighting. Often, it is beneficial to adapt lighting to the task, as well as the user's mental and physical constitution and well-being. This formulates new requirements for lighting - human-centric lighting - and drives a need for new light control methods in interior spaces. In this paper we present a holistic system that provides a novel approach to human-centric lighting by introducing simulation methods into interactive light control, to adapt the lighting based on the user's needs. We look at a simulation and evaluation platform that uses interactive stochastic spectral rendering methods to simulate light sources, allowing for their interactive adjustment and adaption.

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