Enhancing User Engagement in Immersive Games through Multisensory Cues

Ernst Kruijff, Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, Jonas Schild, André Hinkenjann
Proceedings of IEEE VS-GAMES - 2015
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In this article, we report on a user study investigating the effects of multisensory cues on triggering the emotional response in immersive games. Yet, isolating the effect of a specific sensory cue on the emotional state is a difficult feat. The performed experiment is a first of a series that aims at producing usable guidelines that can be applied to reproducing similar emotional responses, as well as the methods to measure the effects. As such, we are interested in methodologies to both design effective stimuli, and assess the quality and effect thereof. We start with identifying main challenges and the followed methodology. Thereafter, we closely analyze the study results to address some of the challenges, and identify where the potential is for improving the induced stimuli (cause) and effect, as well as the analytical methods used to pinpoint the extent of the effect.

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