Large, Ultra High Resolution Displays - LUHRDs

André Hinkenjann, Oliver Staadt, Ari Kaufmann, Renato Pajarolo, Anke Lehmann
IEEE Virtual Reality (IEEE VR) - March 2015, Tutorial


A recent trend in interactive environments are large, ultra high resolution displays (LUHRDs). Compared to other large interactive installations, like the CAVE tm , LUHRDs are usually flat or (slightly) curved and have a significantly higher resolution, offering new research and application opportunities.

This tutorial provides information for researchers and engineers who plan to install and use a large ultra-high resolution display. We will give detailed information on the hardware and software of recently created and established installations and will show the variety of possible approaches. Also, we will talk about rendering software, rendering techniques and interaction for LUHRDs, as well as applications.

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Further information and slides of the tutorial are now online: IEEE VR 2015 Tutorial on "Large Ultra-High Resolution Displays".

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