Monitoring Bus Load of an Open Bus Standard-based Prosthetic Limb System

Marcel Dombrowski, Yves Losier, Kenneth B. Kent, Rainer Herpers
Technical Report 11-212, Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick, Number 11-212 - 2011
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Having multiple talkers on a bus system rises the bandwidth on this bus. To monitor the communication on a bus, tools that constantly read the bus are needed. This report shows an implementation of a monitoring system for the CAN bus utilizing the Altera DE2 development board. The Biomedical Institute of the University of New Brunswick is currently developing together with different partners a prosthetic limb device, the UNB hand. Communication in this device is done via two CAN buses, which operate at a bit-rate of 1 Mbit/s. The developed monitoring system has been completely designed in Verilog HDL. It monitors the CAN bus in real-time and allows monitoring of different modules as well as of the overall load. The calculated data is displayed on the built-in LCD and also transmitted via UART to a PC. A sample receiver programmed in C is also given. The evaluation of this system has been done by using the Microchip CAN Bus Analyzer Tool connected to the GPIO port of the development board that simulates CAN communication.

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