Computer Graphics Lab

The computer graphics lab serves as a platform for dealing with topics from the areas of interactive environments, virtual reality, image synthesis and interaction. The work done here often covers multiple of the mentioned fields and the important topic of parallel systems in computer graphics is also dealt with in several projects (especially image synthesis and post processing). The aim of our lab is to provide a place for students to work on their projects and theses and also a place for our researchers to do their work.

Several third party funded research projects have been undertaken here and led to conference contributions in various fields such as real-time image post-processing, ray tracing or even plant covering simulations.

The equipment available in the computer graphics lab includes the following:

  • Several workstations which can be used individually or as a cluster
  • Teraflop-Cluster, consisting of 16 Cell Processors (IBM QS22-Blades, several PS3s)
  • 3D stereo back projection
  • Optical 6dof tracking system
  • Several interaction devices
  • Surround sound system
  • Self-built reach-in system
  • 42″ presentation display