Winter Term 2016/2017

Interaktive Umgebungen (Interactive Environments) (Dr. Ernst Kruijff)
This course teaches technical knowledge about advanced subjects of computer graphics, especially interactive virtual environments. Individual aspects such as texturing are taught in detail.

  • Introduction to virtual environments (components, hardware, software, VE-frameworks)
  • Introduction to interaction components with respect to mobile and immersive platfoms
  • Introduction to VE-software (Unity3D)
  • Student projects: Interactive Application Development

Game Development 2 (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden, Prof. Dr. André Hinkenjann, Dr. Ernst Kruijff )

  • Advanced interaction techniques
  • Advanced techniques in graphics
  • Practical game development in larger teams
  • Game design aspects
  • Technical design aspects

Einsteigerprojekt (First semester’s project): Game Development (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden)

  • Beginners guide to studying and academic work

Einsteigerprojekt (First semester’s project): Biology-based multi-agent systems (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kraetzschmar)

  • Beginners guide to studying and academic work

Seminar Medieninformatik (Seminar on Media Computer Science) (Prof. Dr. André Hinkenjann, Dr. Ernst Kruijff)

  • Research and excerpt of specialized literature in the field of Media Computer Science
  • Written summarizations on different levels of detail (white paper, proposal, report)
  • Final presentation of the topic


Summer Term 2016

Computergrafik (Computer Graphics) (Dr. Ernst Kruijff)

  • Input and output devices in the area of computer graphics
  • Geometrical transformations
  • Modeling
  • Curves, surfaces
  • CSG, Modeling techniques
  • Data structures for surfaces and volumes
  • Volume visualization
  • The rendering pipeline
  • Computer animation
  • Realistic image synthesis

Grundlagen der Biomedizinischen Informatik (Foundations of Biomedical Informatics) (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden)

  • Physical and chemic principles of interatomic forces
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Cytology and immunology
  • Genetics, physiology, neurobiology, anatomy, pathology and pharmacology
  • Development and effects of medicinal products
  • Methods of molecular biology in contemporary druck discovery (i.e. sequencing, screening, expression profiling) and their requirements in bioinformatics
  • Modelling of moleculobiological data
  • Biological/pharmacological databases / search algorithms

Grundlagen der Bildverarbeitung (Foundations of Image Processing) (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden)

  • Physiological and psychological foundations of image perception
  • Techniques of image generation and storage
  • Operations in the spatial and the frequency domain
  • Correcting and improving images
  • Segmentation and derivation of features
  • Classification of image regions

Game Development (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden, Dr. Ernst Kruijff, Dr.-Ing. Jonas Schild)

  • Overview and general design
  • Different types of computer games
  • Practical game development in teams
  • Platforms and architectures
  • Dramaturgical aspects
  • Design aspects of game development
  • Virtual character design
  • Math and physics
  • Artifical intelligence for games
  • Audio, networking, serious gaming, etc.