Emotional Computing


  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heiden
  • Yashar Abbasalizadeh Rezaei

Current Master Projects/Implementation

  • User Optimization of Sensory Motor Rhythms using an Emotiv Epoc device
    The R&D objective is the exploration of various classification algorithms for Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) analysis of a ‘Turn Left’ command for a Care-o-Bot simulator using an Emotiv EPOC headset. Emotiv Epoc is one of the best BCI devices which offers a special variant for researchers to develop BCI applications. Moreover, it works based on a traditional 10-20 EEG system with 16 electrodes and a gyroscope. The interface for the device is implemented by an EPOC control panel that comes along with the device. The users are trained to use the device by providing a cube interface with a separate training profile for each user. The trained data sets can be used only for the specific user profile and this leads to the device to be not usable by an untrained user. For the device to be applied in the field of robotics, the brain signals from the users are to be made generic by applying various pattern recognition algorithms to study the common features of the brain signals of various individuals of a particular command.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of the application possibilities of an EPOC neuro-headset from Emotiv
    The Emotiv EPOC neuro-headset offers many possibilities to analyze facial expressions, emotions and thoughts. Within this work the Emotiv neuro-headset will be analyzed and evaluated with respect to its application possibilities. A demo application will be developed that allows for differentiation of the neuro commands for “left” and “right” and hence map those commands onto an external device which is a picture flow application running on an Android phone. In addition, the level of current concentration shall be displayed in the Android device as well. The communication between the phone and the analysis computer will be implemented by using a conventional TCI/IP connection.