Remote-Lab wins another award!

It was another big day for Professor Dr. Marco Winzker, his coworker Andrea Schwandt and their FPGA-Remote-Lab: The Global Online Laboratory Consortium awards the project the GOLC Online Lab Award 2019 in the category Remote-Lab. In 2018, the team had already been awarded by the International E-Learning Association.

Iris Groß, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education, (left) is happy about the award, which Professor Marco Winzker and research project collaborator Andrea Schwandt received for the Remote-Lab. Picture: Eva Tritschler

Professor Dr. Iris Groß, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education, was one of the first to congratulate the team: “We support our students both in classical classroom teaching and through modern digital methods. I am pleased that the innovative approach of the Remote Lab is appealing to students and external experts”.

The award-winning project combines a laboratory class that can be operated via the Internet. Teaching videos accompany the laboratory class. This allows students to develop their own subject-specific content and apply it directly in on-hardware experiments.

Both, videos and remote lab, are open, worldwide accessible teaching materials. Winzker explains: “The access statistics give us important information about the use. The teaching videos were accessed from over 60 countries. The Remote Lab was accessed from over 20 countries distributed over all continents. Currently, we have a cooperation with our Ukranian partner university, the Chernihiv National University of Technology, through which video subtitles are now also available in Ukrainian. The Remote Lab is actively used by them in teaching”.

This text is a translation of the German original press release.

Information on the GOLC – Online Lab Award.

Access the FPGA Vision Remote Lab!

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