IVC researchers part of HFD remote-lab community

With their active research and contributions to a remote lab environment (for FPGA programming, see project page) at H-BRS, the IVC’s researchers around Marco Winzker and Andrea Schwandt are now part of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age, HFD) community working group “Remote-Labore in Deutschland” (Remote Laboratories in Germany).

Remote laboratories offer a good opportunity to combine theory and practice. Learners can access real experimental facilities via the Internet, whereby access is independent of time and place. Although remote laboratories are often designed openly, there is no nationwide platform on which remote laboratories can be presented and used. Thus, the developed remote labs cannot be used by other teachers in their own courses. In order to close this gap, representatives from several universities throughout Germany have come together to form the HFD community working group “Remote Laboratories in Germany”.

More information can be found on the general sites of HFD and on their remote-lab-specifically site or through Andrea Schwand.

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