Successful PhD defense by Shatha Abu Shanab

On Tuesday, 7 August 2018, IVC member Mrs. Shatha Abu Shanab successfully completed her doctoral examination at the University of Siegen. The title of her PhD thesis is “Remote and On-Site Laboratory System for Low-Power Digital Circuit Design” link.

In her dissertation, Mrs. Abu Shanab investigates the use of a remote lab, a laboratory experiment that can be operated via the Internet, in the teaching of digital circuits. At the H-BRS she was supervised by Prof. Marco Winzker. The first examiner of the doctorate is Prof. Rainer Brück from the University of Siegen. Prof. Daniel Pittich, who represents didactics of technology at the University of Siegen and the H-BRS, is also a member of the doctoral committee.

The research work was supported by the Erasmus Mundus project Avempace and the Graduate Institute of the H-BRS.

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