Research at Sentience Lab, Auckland University of Technology

Who and when?
Dr. Stefan Marks, from the Auckland University of Technology, is going to visit our University on Wednesday, July 12th. His talk will start at 3 pm in the Visual Computing Lab C 061.

Topic: Research at Sentience Lab, Auckland University of Technology
“One of the most fantastic capabilities of the human brain is that of complex pattern recognition. If world-encompassing actions were accelerated, or a facsimile of the action presented within the velocity range of human comprehension, not only would the motion become clearly visible, but also some fundamental principles or heretofore unfamiliar forms of behavior probably would be exposed. The brain quickly correlates such new information with previously acquired data and insight gained from other experiences and adds understanding to the new phenomena being examined.” (Fuller, R. B. (1982). Critical Path (2nd edition). New York, N.Y: St. Martin’s Griffin. p183) With the renaissance of virtual reality technology in 2012, scientific visualisation of complex spatial datasets can now be achieved with COTS hardware at a level that was previously reserved for specialised CAVE facilities. 3D immersive visualisation enables the user to “dive” into data and opens up opportunities of seeing and observing patterns, connections, spatial and temporal relations. Selected examples of scientific visualisations implemented at Sentience Lab, AUT, will be presented, including the integration of the research and the VR facilities into under- and post-graduate teaching and interdisciplinary projects.

Dr. Stefan Marks is researcher and senior lecturer at Colab, the interdisciplinary unit at Auckland University of Technology. His main areas of research are virtual reality, visualisation, and computer graphics. He combines these interests in his function as director of Sentience Lab, an immersive virtual reality facility for multimodal and multisensory data visualisation and interaction.

Stefan has eight years of industry experience as a hardware and software developer, a Diplom of Microinformatics and a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the Westfälische Hochschule, Germany and a PhD from The University of Auckland.

In his free time, Stefan enjoys hiking and photography.

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