From J9 to OMR: Developing Technologies to Improve Virtual Machines

Who and when?
Dr. Kenneth Kent, Director of the IBM Center for Advanced Studies and Professor at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, is going to visit our University on Wednesday, December 7th 2016. His talk will start at 11:00 am in the Visual Computing Lab C 061.

Topic: From J9 to OMR: Developing Technologies to Improve Virtual Machines
The Java virtual machine forms the underlying platform for many of the technologies that IBM deploys in the cloud and enterprise domains. Having an efficient platform is key for ensuring that client applications operate in an optimal manner. For the last 5 years, CAS-Atlantic has collaborated with IBM to develop several technologies to increase the performance of their JVM. In this talk, Dr. Kent will give a snapshot of some of the projects that have been undertaken and the outcomes. In addition, he will give an overview of the next 5 years of research that IBM and CAS-Atlantic has planned for collaborating together on OMR to provide a virtual machine that supports multiple languages, not just Java.

Having served as the Director of the Information Technology Centre, he cooperates with industrial partners including IBM, Altera, Protocase and Buterfly Energy Systems. His collaboration with IBM has led to the creation of the Centre for Advanced Studies – Atlantic at UNB where he is the founding Director.

His research interests in Virtual Machines and FPGA Architectures have led to numerous publications and a number of tools widely used in the open-source community. He is an active member in the scientific community having served as co-programme chair, co-general chair and steering committee member of the IEEE Rapid Systems Prototyping Symposium and co-programme chair of the Highly Efficient Architectures and Reconfigurable Technologies Workshop.

He is a member of the National Science and Engineering Research Council Strategic Grant selection committee and an executive board member of Science Atlantic.

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