BEAMING between Virtual and Reality: Studies in Asymmetric Telepresence

Who and when?
Prof. Anthony Steed, Professor in Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics at the Department of Computer Science of the University College London in the United Kingdom, is going to visit our University on Thursday, June 18th 2015. His talk will start at 3:30 pm in the Visual Computing Lab C 061.

Topic: BEAMING between Virtual and Reality: Studies in Asymmetric Telepresence
Beaming is the process of virtual teleporting to a destination. Based (loosely) on the idea from Star Trek, our aim is to transport a visitor using a high-end virtual reality system, into a real destination environment. We want the visitor to both be able to understand the destination, but also to appear within the destination, so that people in that destination can understand and interact with the person.

We have investigated a range of solutions to technically achieve Beaming, including novel displays, robotic systems and scene reconstruction. In this talk, I will present research challenges that have arisen from experience of prototype Beaming systems. These will range from technical challenges, to open questions about how new virtual reality and robotic systems can transform our experience of interacting with remote people

Professor Anthony Steed is Head of the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics (VECG) group at University College London. The VECG group is the UK’s largest group in this area with over forty staff and research students. Prof. Steed’s research interests extend from virtual reality systems, through to mobile mixed reality systems, and from system development through to measures of user response to virtual content. He has published over 160 papers in the area, and is the main author of the book “Networked Graphics: Building Networked Graphics and Networked Games”. He is also founder and CTO of Animal Systems, creators of Chirp ( He is also director of the UCL Centre in Virtual Environments, Interaction and Visualisation (UCL VEIV), a specialistic doctoral training centre supported by a wide variety of companies.

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