Kirschner with two talks at ACS meeting in Denver

IVC senior research associate and member of the renowned American Chemical Society (ACS) Dr. Karl Kirschner gave two talks at this year’s ACS national meeting in Denver. He presented the project Wolf2Pack on which he is working together with three colleagues (Prof. Dr. Dirk Reith from BRSU, Dr. Marco Hülsmann and O. Krämer-Fuhrmann from Fraunhofer SCAI) in the symposium on molecular force field.

In his second talk “It’s all about the fundamentals” Kirschner presented his recent research on predicting structure and thermodynamics of clusters of three to seven water molecules.

Full coverage in German: Kirschner mit zwei Vorträgen auf dem ACS National Meeting

Karl Kirschner in front of a visualization of “his” water cluster structures on HORNET

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