Teaching across the Ocean with Video Lectures and Remote-Lab

Marco Winzker, R. Kiessling, Andrea Schwandt, C. Sosa Paez, Shatha Abu Shanab
IEEE Edunine Conference - March 2018


Guest lecturers from a different country can be very beneficial as students get a broader view on a subject and learn about applications not common in their home country. However, the cost and time required for traveling is a drawback. This contribution describes the exchange of teaching content between Germany and Argentina based on an e-learning approach. Short lectures are recorded on video and supplement the teaching of the local lecturer. The teaching content addresses digital logic design with FPGAs and is targeted to advanced students. The video lectures introduce an image processing algorithm for driver assistance in modern cars, which is a motivating application for students. The remote-lab allows the students to perform lab exercises with real hardware. The topic of lane detection for driver assistance is a specific application. The video lectures correspond to 1 or 2 weeks of teaching and can be used as a supplement for an existing course on digital design, FPGAs or signal processing.

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