Applying Multi-user Virtual Reality to Collaborative Medical Training

Jonas Schild, Sebastian Misztal, Benjamin Roth, Leonard Flock, Thomas Luiz, Dieter Lerner, Markus Herkersdorf, Konstantin Wegner, Markus Neuberger, Andreas Franke, Claus Kemp, Johannes Pranghofer, Sven Seele, Helmut Buhler, Nadine Kutz (née Fröbel), Rainer Herpers
Research demonstration presented at the IEEE Virtual Reality - March 2018, Research demonstration


The EPICSAVE prototype allows multiple users to join a co-located virtual environment for paramedic training. The hardware setup consists of a two-user full-scale VR environment with head-mounted displays for two interactive trainees and one additional desktop pc for one trainer participant. The showcase demonstrates that Virtual Reality can be applied in vocational training regarding hardware quality. However, we need standards in important areas of interaction design such as navigation, interactivity, social interaction, and level of abstraction. Experiencing the prototype helps researchers and industry stakeholders to discuss future work towards developing VR training standards, and in general.

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