3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice (second edition)

Joseph J. LaViola Jr., Ernst Kruijff, Doug Bowman, Ivan P. Poupyrev, Ryan P. McMahan
Addison-Wesley - 2017


As 3D technology becomes available for a wide range of applications, its successful deployment will require well-designed user interfaces (UIs). Specifically, software and hardware developers will need to understand the interaction principles and techniques peculiar to a 3D environment. This understanding, of course, builds on usability experience with 2D UIs. But it also involves new and unique challenges and opportunities. Discussing all relevant aspects of interaction, enhanced by instructive examples and guidelines, 3D User Interfaces comprises a single source for the latest theory and practice of 3D UIs. Many people already have seen 3D UIs in computer-aided design, radiation therapy, surgical simulation, data visualization, and virtual-reality entertainment. The next generation of computer games, mobile devices, and desktop applications also will feature 3D interaction. The authors of this book, each at the forefront of research and development in the young and dynamic field of 3D UIs, show how to produce usable 3D applications that deliver on their enormous promise. Coverage includes

To help you keep pace with this fast-evolving field, the book's Web site, www.3dui.org, will offer information and links to the latest 3D UI research and applications.

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