Comparing Leaning-Based Motion Cueing Interfaces for Virtual Reality Locomotion

Alexandra Kitson, Abraham M. Hashemian, Ekaterina R. Stepanova, Ernst Kruijff, Bernhard Riecke E.
In Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces - 2017


In this paper, we describe a user study comparing five different locomotion interfaces for virtual reality locomotion. We compared a standard non-motion cueing interface, Joystick (Xbox), with four motion cueing interfaces, NaviChair (stool with springs), MuvMan (sit/stand active stool), Head-Directed (Oculus Rift DK2), and Swivel Chair (everyday office chair with leaning capability). Each interface had two degrees of freedom to move forward/backward and rotate, using velocity (rate) control. The aim of this mixed methods study was to investigate the usability and user experience of each interface, in order to better understand relevant factors and guide the design of future locomotion interfaces. Participants were tasked to search for objects in a city virtual environment while they provided talk- aloud feedback and we logged their behaviour. Subsequently, they completed a post-experimental questionnaire on their experience. Even though the Joystick was rated as more comfortable and precise to use than the Swivel Chair, Head-Directed Interface, NaviChair, and MuvMan, in that order, the leaning-based interfaces were enjoyed by the users and showed a trend to provide a greater sense of self-motion. In order to foster the potential of the motion-cueing interfaces, developers need to focus on improving the controllability and perceived safety of the interfaces. The results also point towards potential issues of using velocity-control for rotations in embodied interfaces when using HMDs instead of stationary displays.

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Also presented as Poster at IEEE VR 2017.

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