Using an Embroidery Machine to Achieve a Deeper Understanding of Electromechanical Applications

Irene Rothe, Andrea Schwandt
43rd Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) - 2013


Understanding the functionality of real-world machines and thinking about their improvements is a method to deepen the acquired knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering students. The Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism of the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Germany provides a project-based learning environment in the so-called “project weeks”. Three weeks of a term are available to do some real-world projects besides the regular courses [1]. This provides a “project-based” learning environment that enables the students to connect theory and practice and to apply knowledge and skills to solve practical problems. In the winter term 2012/13 an unusual open-defined project was offered for the first time to third-semester students showing high potentials. The students were presented with an unknown embroidery machine and their task was to improve it, depending on their knowledge and abilities. This article describes a project in which an embroidery machine was used as a basis for developing better understanding of many aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering.

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