IVAB: High-Quality Rendering in the Planning of Prefabricate Houses

Various interactive, high quality 3D rendering approaches are used that will enable constructors to take easier and cost-effective decisions on interior design and fitting options.

Among others, the research team uses a combination of path tracing and screen space post processing to overcome noise artefacts.

For the perception of space a realistic representation of the materials is essential as well as an especially realistic light distribution, which can be implemented using a global illumination calculation. For the research project IVAB an overall solution is developed, which combines for the 3D representation for the first time a realistic light distribution with a high-quality representation of the materials on offer by house manufacturers.

An important component is a low cost computer cluster architecture, where the computationally intensive global illumination algorithms can be executed. The productive use is ensured by a complete integration of the overall solution into the IT processes of building suppliers. This is another unique feature.

For the computation of global illumination effects, our own path tracer “Spark” is utilized. Please see the “videos” section at the bottom of this page for some examples.