Fundamental Algorithms for Virtual Prototyping

Who and when?
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann from the Technical University of Clausthal is going to visit our University on Wednesday, December 2nd. His talk will start at 4:00 pm in room C116.

Topic: Fundamental Algorithms for Virtual Prototyping
The talk will be divided into two parts.
In the first part, I will speak about algorithms for real-time collision detection, which is an enabling technology for many application in the area of virtual prototyping, such as virtual assembly simulation, physically-based simulation, serious games, and virtual-reality based medical training. In particular, the talk will discuss our novel method that we call “Inner Sphere Trees”.

The second part of the talk will highlight some of our work towards general, marker-less human hand tracking, which we believe will be the next big step towards more intuitive human computer interaction. The talk will discuss some of our novel algorithms for template-based matching and skin color segmentation. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann is professor for computer graphics at Clausthal University, Germany, since 2005. He is also the head of the Computer Graphics Group in the Computer Science Department, which consists of two professors and about 4 PhD students. Prior to that, he was assistant professor with Prof. Reinhard Klein’s computer graphics group at Bonn University, Germany, and head of the research group for novel interaction methods in virtual prototyping.

Dr. Zachmann’s research interests include geometric algorithms for computer graphics, in particular collision detection and related topics, virtual prototyping, virtual reality in general, computer vision based hand tracking, immersive visualization, virtual cities, and others.

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