Annual Report 2015/2016

We are proud to present the third biennial report of the Institute of Visual Computing (IVC) covering the years 2015 and 2016. This report contains our main activities and achievements in research and industry during these two years. It additionally presents and updates our scientific and industrial profile. For the time being, the report is only available digitally.

The IVC’s annual report for 2015/2016 is available on


RISE intern Suzannah Smith @ IVC


The department of computer science is glad to welcome another RISE intern from our Canadian partner university in New Brunswick. Suzannah Smith is a third year bachelor student of computer science. She has chosen the coop programme of her course which takes a year longer than the usual bachelor and includes four stages at various companies.

At Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Suzannah is working on a research project in the field of virtual reality: A virtual apartment is created which participants enter via a pair of VR glasses (Oculus Rift). Suzannah explores agent perception – she uses eye tracking to determine people’s focus and evaluates what participants look at and for how long.

Before joining us the young canadian took a two-week German course in Berlin and visited some European metropolises such as Zürich, Wien, Amsterdam and Paris. She will be working at H-BRS until August 18th. Her supervisors are Katharina Stollenwerk and Christoph Pomrehn as well as alumnus Sven Seele.

This article has originally been posted in the H-BRS Department of Computer Science News. Text and image were created by Miriam Lüdtke-Handjery of H-BRS’s Department of Computer Science Marketing and Public Relations. The original article is also available in German.


Kirschner with two talks at ACS meeting in Denver

IVC senior research associate and member of the renowned American Chemical Society (ACS) Dr. Karl Kirschner gave two talks at this year’s ACS national meeting in Denver. He presented the project Wolf2Pack on which he is working together with three colleagues (Prof. Dr. Dirk Reith from BRSU, Dr. Marco Hülsmann and O. Krämer-Fuhrmann from Fraunhofer SCAI) in the symposium on molecular force field.

In his second talk “It’s all about the fundamentals” Kirschner presented his recent research on predicting structure and thermodynamics of clusters of three to seven water molecules.

Full coverage in German: Kirschner mit zwei Vorträgen auf dem ACS National Meeting

Karl Kirschner in front of a visualization of “his” water cluster structures on HORNET

Martin Göbel Honorary Chair of the IEEE VR 2015

Dr. Martin Göbel has been appointed Honorary Chair of the IEEE VR 2015. He is one of the trailblazers of Virtual Reality in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe. He has been active in the field since the early nineties when, apart from Germany, only Switzerland, Great Britain and Sweden played an active part in the European VR scene.

The IEEE VR 2015 will be held from 23-27 March in Arles, France. Martin Göbel and a team of researchers from our Institute will be presenting their work.

See the full article here.


Three IVC Members Have Been Awarded a Scholarship

Katharina Stollenwerk, Jens Maiero and Thorsten Roth are the three IVC members among a total of eight doctoral candidates from H-BRS who have been awarded a scholarship for their PhD project.

Katharina Stollenwerk works on two-handed interaction in virtual environments in cooperation with the University of Bonn. Jens Maiero looks into the challenges of human-machine-interaction in dynamically projected environments (Spatial Augmented Reality). Thorsten Roth tries to solve problems in global illumination algorithms by iteratively incorporating light field measurements into the Monte-Carlo-based rendering process, including post-processing techniques.


Annual Report 2011/2012

We are proud to present the first report of the Institute of Visual Computing (IVC) 2011/12. The report summarizes the IVC’s research activities in the following main fields:

  • Interactive Systems
  • Simulation in Virtual Environments
  • Visualization and Rendering
  • Computer Vision

The report is available for download: Annual Report 2011-2012.